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about us

To put it simply, we are three sisters with the aim of making people feel good about themselves. We strongly believe that beauty originates from within, but a little help never hurt anyone!. After gaining years of experience in the beauty sector, we took the leap and invested our knowledge ( and savings) into creating the perfect range of products. We firmly believe that products should be simple, safe and above all effective. Our very first product, Zey-B Extreme Lip plumper, embodies our mission. Produced in Italy with the highest quality ingredients, it is a tinted blush that suits everyone, offering an instant plumping power that is remarkably potent without causing any discomfort. Moreover, it provides long-term care for your lips, ensuring they remain hydrated, smooth and naturally plump over time. 


Our mission is simple, to empower you with confidence to embrace your individuality by creating an effective, high quality range that inspires you to feel good.

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